M-Soft, Inc. is an organization of dedicated, goal oriented team members who understand and seek to move forward our founder's vision.

Our Mission although seemingly simple, is the foundation of our success, “Take care of the client and the client will take care of you!” - Bradley C. Lee, President and CEO.

At M-Soft we believe in forming partnerships through Client Driven Innovation. Product direction and development has always come from the needs of our clients. Your facility will benefit from years of solutions envisioned by organizations from around the globe. M-Soft has been providing quality solutions to ASC's and now AIC's for over 20 years.

Our team members provide training, implementation, project management, and consulting services. You can depend on our staff of experts with diverse backgrounds to assist you in all aspects of your centers operations.

M-Soft was founded in 1997 just south of the Silicon Valley in San Diego, CA. Our founder and CEO Bradley Lee has over 25 years' experience in transitioning medical facilities into a new age.

M-Soft, Inc. secured endorsements from the United States Air Force as the preferred solution for the Pacific-rim and European theatres. Our team also secured contracts with such medical groups as HealthSouth and Kaiser Permanete, Proving our solutions in both the public and private sectors.

In 2005 M-Soft combined all operations to our new corporate headquarters in Tennessee.

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