O.R. Essentials™

O.R. Essentials

Rapid Implementation, Intuitive user-centric interface that requires minimal user training, industry leading customer service, highest possible Return-On-Investment, software tools that give you the ability to reduce your workload while increasing your customer satisfaction (Surgeons and Patients alike). If these reasons aren't enough for you then you are welcome to ask our customers why they chose O.R. Essentials™.

O.R. Essentials™ offers a wide variety of modules that help you better organize your Operating Theatre. The Inventory control module will help you reduce your inventory burden by tracking actual usages and projecting future needs based on case load. This and all the other forward thinking features in O.R. Essentials™ can assist you in making your days more organized with fewer problems.

If you are a stand-alone facility or part of a large corporate enterprise, O.R. Essential™ provides the results you require, from patient scheduling to patient discharge. Our intuitive software delivers all the tools you need, to provide a smooth and successful surgical encounter, for your patients, surgeons and staff.