O.R. Essentials™ Supply Management

O.R. Essentials

Supply management is a crucial part of every well run and profitable surgery center. O.R. Essentials™ provides all the tools you need to efficiently manage supplies, ordering, and materials requirements planning based on case load and par levels.

O.R. Essentials™ supply management module is specifically designed for use in the OR. The simple yet comprehensive design is ideal for surgery center supply management professionals. Complete integration with Surgeon Preference Cards allows O.R. Essentials™ supply management module to track actual usage and waste figures by case, and allows for detail materials managment planning based on par levels and case load. This combined with our Purchase Order/Requisition and Costing/Charging systems means you have the power of a full suite of materials management tools at your disposal.

All of these features are at your finger tips:

  • Complete quantity on hand / quantity on order tracking by site.
  • Individual items can be marked as patient billable or non-billable.
  • Vendor price tracking with quantity price breaks.
  • Ability to display a picture of the supply item for easy identification by all staff.
  • Item description, price, cost, and billing changes automatically update preference cards and costing/charging.
  • Customizable reporting available through our built in reporting module.
  • User-definable storage locations/bins.
  • Item codes can be compatible with all other internal software systems.