O.R. Essentials™ Implant Tracking

Easy implant tracking in the room, when it's being placed, makes for accurate and easy implant tracking. Implants can be searched by any number factors including serial numbers, manufacturers, lot numbers, dates, etc.


O.R. Essentials Implants/Explants module allows the center to track every item via an audit trail of everything implanted or removed. This can aid in manufacturer recalls, etc. The Implants/Explants module tracks all implants that leave your center in a patient, as well as, tracks all implants removed from a patient with tracking by serial number, lot number, and manufacturer.

As the tracking and inputting of QA/QI information becomes more of a requirement than a guideline, The Implant Register allows you to keep up with the needs of the industry and your patients. Implant tracking and explant tracking is a crucial factor for todays surgery centers. O.R. Essentials(TM) provides you the ability to retrieve a list of all patients who received a particular implant, with the ability to identify them by lot number(s), serial number(s), manufacturers, and dates.