O.R. Essentials™ Surgeon Preference Cards

Properly maintained preference cards allow rapid and efficient setup of the room for any procedure. They not only provide a complete list of supplies required, they also contain critical notes about how the surgeon likes the room arranged, and other preferences.

Surgeon preference cards are easily constructed in O.R. Essentials™, either from scratch or you can copy a selected card or group of cards from other surgeons. Preference cards contain fields for entering important detail information for patient preparation, complete patient care plans for a standarized level of care, and other important details.

In addition, preference cards can be used to identify pre-admission testing requirements each surgeon has, based on the procedure being scheduled.

The O.R. Essentials™ preference card utility makes changing items on an individual Pref Card, groups of Pref Cards, or all Pref Cards simple by allowing global changes to be made by surgeon, service, or procedure.

O.R. Essentials

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Each Pref Card can be linked to a procedure, group of procedures, all procedures, or a specific procedure category. Once the link is established Pref Card selection for a case is automatically done by O.R. Essentials™ a the time a case is scheduled. However, Preference Card selection can be altered and a manual selection of any preference card can be made by the user at any time.

The inventory and equipment listed on the preference card are automatically transferred to the case costing/charging module when a preference card is assigned to a case.