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O.R. Essentials™ provides a specialized "Point of Care" system which is customized to each point-of-care (Preop, Intraop, Anesthesia, PACU, and Preadmit) associated with the patients surgical encounter. This module creates a streamlined charting experience for your personnel. Personnel will only ever see the items which are associated with the job they are charged with completing in the patient care cycle. Color-coding is utilized to indicate any areas of the chart that have yet to be completed.

Chart fields can be classified as "Required", "Requested", or "Normal". Required field titles appear in red text and must have data entered before the chart can be saved. Requested field titles appear as yellow text and warn the user if data has not been entered at the time the record is saved, giving the user the option to go back and enter the data or continue with their work, leaving the field blank for now.

Completing nurses records for each stage of care is expedited by data being automatically imported from earlier stages of care including Pre-Admission Testing, Registration, Preop, and other available sources which contain the pertinent information.

Med reconciliation can be a difficult mountain to climb, unless you're using O.R. Essentials™. Our Point Of Care module addresses all the necessary documentation for medicine reconciliation in easy to use process. Preop confirms the patients medications, and determines which, if any, of their medications they have taken in the last 12 hours.

The "Current Medications" tabs uses color coding to identify critical meds, like blood thinners and opiates, ensuring your personnel are aware of any medications which can be of concern during the patients surgical encounter.

Each Point Of Care is notified any time thier portion of the care records have not been properly completed, so they can go back and enter any missing data on each incomplete record. This feature guarantees 100% record completion. Which is very handy when it comes time to go through you accreditation audit.

Using our Rapid Deployment tool suite, we can create an exact EHR replica of any paper charts you are currently using in your facility, or you can use our comprehensive pre-defined EHR forms.

Each customized record can contain an unlimited number of user definable data fields, and all user defined elements can be redefined or eliminated from use at any time, WITHOUT having to convert your database. Fields can be defined as Free text, Lookup from database, Date, Numeric, Drop-down or Pop-up windows.

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