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O.R. Essentials

Full Day View (click to enlarge)

O.R. Essentials

Full Day View w/case selected and details displayed(click to enlarge)

O.R. Essentials

Top Down Scheduling View (click to enlarge)

O.R. Essentials

Top Down Scheduling View w/case selected and detail showing (click to enlarge)

O.R. Essentials provides the benefit of two ways to view and adjust the schedule. The standard top-down version, or our unique Full-Day View that displays an entire days schedule on any screen. Our Full-Day View offers you the convenience to quickly and easily see all cases in every room, for the entire day, on one screen without the need to scroll. Full-Day View displays complete case and block details, all color coded for easy viewing.

While scheduling a surgery, O.R. Essentials™ Surgery Scheduling Software can generate the required procedure length by using our exclusive ProPHITTS™ technology. ProPHITTS™is a sophisticated greedy heuristic algorithm developed exclusively for O.R. Essentials™ Surgery Scheduling. Using PROPHITTS™, O.R. Essentials™ can estimate the required time for any surgeon to complete any procedure to within 5 minutes with better than 97.3% accuracy.

Integrated Conflict Checking for Surgeons, Anesthesiologists, and necessary equipment for the procedure being performed. Descriptive real-time conflict warnings are displayed when you are scheduling a case, this allows you to select times that are not in conflict with other cases the provider has already scheduled.

Surgeon Preference Cards are automatically assigned to each case based on the Surgeon and Procedure. Case Cart pick lists and nursing instructions are automatically printed each day for the following days cases. If a card or case cart pick list is lost, new copies can be printed on demand at any time.

Scheduling screens display large amounts of information in an easy to use format. Remaining block time is displayed in the upper area of each physician/service block, showing schedulers exactly how many minutes are still available within the block which can be used to schedule new cases. When you get within a user definable number of hours of physician/service block scheduled time they will display "open", as shown in some of the images to the left.

Color coding of the scheduling screen allows schedulers to quickly and easily identify the information which is important to them. User definable color coding includes physician/service blocks, room availability blocks. Case setup/cleanup/prodecure times are also color coded within each case for easy reference.

"Fast Scheduling" allows the system to provide you with the optimal day, time, and/or room for placing a new case on your surgery schedule, all according to your selection criteria.

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