O.R. Essentials™ Case Costing

O.R. Essentials™ Case Cost/Charging module is fully integrated with the Surgeon Preference Card, Inventory, and Intraoperative Charting modules to allow for fast interactive updating of costs and billing information. All detailed cost/ billing information comes automatically from the information entered through Intra-Operative Charting and Patient Charting. Proper utilization of this easy-to-use software provides an accurate method of tracking supply usage and time allocated to a case, insuring that there will be no lost charges in your Operating Rooms.

O.R. Essentials

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O.R. Essentials™ Costing / Charging module provides the following: • Flat rate billing based on procedure. • Room charges from detailed case times. • Nursing / Staff charges from nursing times and detailed case times. • Supplies and equipment charges come from Surgeon Preference Cards and detailed supply / equipment usage entries, including current cost and charge data from the Inventory sub-system. • User definable billing templates allow you to apply charging formulas by specialty, major/minor, site, procedure specific, etc. Complete with minimum/maximum charges, time billing options, etc. • Cost / Charge information can be easily downloaded to other systems in the hospital via the O.R. Essentials™ customizable billing interface. • Create custom cost / charge analysis reporting easily using Crystal Reports. • Miscellaneous costs / charges can be added to any case.