O.R. Essentials™ Statistical Reporting

Properly maintained preference cards allow rapid and efficient setup of the room for any procedure. They not only provide a complete list of supplies required, they also contain critical notes about how the surgeon likes the room arranged, and other preferences.

Our detailed reporting puts all the data you need at your fingertips instantly. From daily utilization detail to complete case costing, O.R. Essentials™ can place any information gathered into printed reports, in any format you require. You can also create your own custom reporting, or have us create it for you, and place it into the programs internal menus for easy access by your personnel.

Reports include:

  • Scheduling – Reports that relate to patients, scheduled appointments, rooms and equipment needed, daily schedule, preference cards, schedule analysis, and many more
  • Admitting Desk – Admitting forms, chart labels, and mailing labels
  • Compliance – Reports for state reporting, surgical outcomes, FASA outcomes, acreditation auditing
  • Nursing – Reports concerning clinical measures including infection control, case time, and implant logs
  • Credentialing – Reports on physician and staff credentialing, alerts, and physician procedure privilege list
  • Management – Reports including summaries of facility utilization, cost/volume billed, charges/revenue collected
  • Resources – Reports related to the tracking of resources including purchase orders, physical counts, and resource valuation
  • Customization - Customizable reporting can be quickly created for any need. All custom report formats can be retained and added to the reporting menus for easy access at any time.

O.R. Essentials

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For easy sharing, all reports created using the O.R. Essentials™ reporting module can be printed or exported to a number of different file formats, which can be emailed or included as part of a more comprehensive portfolio. Available formats include, Excel, Word, PDF, and others.